Over the last few years I’ve worked with on a few different courses, the latest of which has just been released – a collaboration with RSL Awards (Rockschool), one of the largest developers of graded exam syllabi for popular music.

I was asked to provide 20 performances and breakdowns of techniques etc, alongside demonstrations and explanations of technical exercises. These courses are great if you’re considering taking a rockschool exam, but there’s a lot to learn even if you’re not planning on sitting one. Here’s the course link for grade 8 electric guitar, though of course grades debut through to 8 are extensively covered as well:

Acoustic Guitar:
Rockschool Grades 1-5 have also been covered for the Acoustic syllabus. For this course the tutors who composed the arrangements are demonstrating the performance pieces, and I extensively walk you through the technical exercises and other areas to help prepare you for your exam.

And finally, the first course I recorded with musicgurus. This is aimed at beginner guitarists who just starting out, or are self taught and want to avoid some of the bad habits than can easily be developed if you’re not careful!

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